Alumnus Turned Dean

Sci High student THEN, Sci High Dean NOW

Jeremy Oatis, a New Orleans native, was raised in the Melpomene Housing Development along with his 10 siblings. After attending William J. Guste Elementary School, Carter G. Woodson Middle School, and Warren Easton High School, he found his academic home at Sci High. It was at Sci High that Jeremy was inspired by teachers Eric Mikulak and Tim Dilligan and staff Kevin Dickerson to excel in academics and become a first-generation college graduate.

Jeremy attended Xavier University of Louisiana and earned a Bachelor of Arts in History while working full-time directing the after-school Education Program for Urban Impact Ministries.  Upon graduation, Jeremy re-joined the Sci High Family, this time as “Strategic Reading and Journey to Careers” faculty. From that role, Jeremy became the Sci High Behavior Interventionist and ultimately rose through the ranks to become the school’s Dean of Students.

Jeremy’s joy as he recalls those early years as a student and faculty member and his progression to his current leadership role is electric. He credits these experiences for the development of his career mission to engage, equip, empower, and educate future leaders who will have a positive lasting impact on New Orleans and the world. 

As Dean of Students, Mr. Oatis aims to ensure that every Sci High student has a high school experience that meets their individual social-emotional needs and develops academic attitudes and behaviors that promote life and career success. Consistent with Jeremy’s philosophy that students are best supported in community, Jeremy works with students, families and staff to ensure a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. Ultimately, through Jeremy’s dedication and passion, he works to ensure that Sci High graduates embody core values of Sci High, including leadership, integrity, critical thinking, and perseverance.

Jeremy is married to Kimberly Oatis, Sci High’s 504 Coordinator. Together, they have a future Sci High graduate, 3 year old daughter Cameron.

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