A research-based, scaffolded program to move students’ research ability from basic to advanced

The Student Research Program you support builds advanced research skills in all Sci High students to increase their readiness for the rigors of postsecondary science and math programs. To ensure that all students acquire the necessary foundational research skills required for independent research projects, Sci High implemented an initiative to infuse inquiry-based teaching methodology in core math and science classrooms.

Nationally, students are ill-prepared for post-secondary math and science studies, as indicated by ACT scores and STEM program attrition rates. These academic success indicators are even bleaker for minority students, whose degree attainment is 20% lower than their white counterparts. This program was envisioned in November 2018 when two female students placed 2nd in the GNO Region Science Fair. Eager to continue their research, the students requested school sponsorship.

Successful completion of these courses will lay the groundwork for participation in the more rigorous Student Research Internship and the prestigious GNO Regional Science Fair, where students will hone their research skills.


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