The Next Generation of Care

Roselle and Lauranda* had two big dreams coupled with the unrelenting drive to accomplish them. Roselle knew at a young age she wanted to be a physician. While other kids played with toys, she looked at anatomy books. Lauranda’s interest in medicine grew after watching her aunt face a difficult diagnosis and challenging experience with the healthcare system. These young women took the Introduction to Biomedicine course during their first year at Sci High and continued with subsequent medical- related coursework. The school also coordinated paid internships at Touro Infirmary, Children’s Hospital, and University Medical Center for Roselle and Lauranda. These programs exposed the two to varied aspects of healthcare—from administration to nursing to specialties like orthopedics to the emergency room—and helped them better shape their plans for their college studies.

As seniors, Roselle and Lauranda prepared research projects for the Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair hosted by Tulane University. Roselle studied the effects of Advanced Placement courses on students’ blood pressure. Lauranda focused on a data analysis of birth defects in geographic vicinity to oil refineries. The projects sprung from research work in their Sci High courses. Both students turned to their teachers and staff at Sci High for daily encouragement, motivation, more rigorous challenges and support. Roselle and Lauranda each earned scholarships to Tulane University, where they entered pre-med academic programs in the fall of 2018. At Sci High, our greatest accomplishment is when we can make the dreams of students like these a reality by creating the opportunities that support their success.

*Pseudonyms are used here to protect the privacy of students

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