2021 STEM Award winners

2021 STEM Award Winners

Congratulations to the senior STEM Award Winners! Annually, four (4) Sci High seniors have been chosen to receive STEM awards. 

  1. Henrietta Lacks Science Achievement Award-Winner L. Clark
  2. Katherine Johnson Mathematics Achievement Award- Winner M. Smith
  3. Granville T. Woods Technology Achievement Award- Winner C. Murphy
  4. Mae Jemison Engineering Achievement Award- Winner M. Trejo

The STEM awards are considered for students who demonstrate academic dedication, involvement in their school and community, and enthusiasm for enriching their personal and academic lives.  Exploring new depths, work ethic, and exhibiting respectful, organized, cooperative, and kind qualities are among the criteria considered for winners of these awards.

Thank you to the two long-term supporters for creating a fund to help provide these awards to Sci High students. Both supporters have 25+ years of commitment and service to Sci High. Their leadership and advocacy led to a state-of-the-art educational facility now open to every high school student in New Orleans.