The New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School

Founded in 1993, Sci High is a public school that welcomes any student interested in exploring the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). We believe our city will grow stronger when every New Orleanian can contribute to our wellbeing and innovation through the tools of math and science.

Each one of our city’s young people has the potential to succeed. Every day, we open the doors of opportunity in these fields, guiding our students as they imagine the possibilities for our shared future. When every student can access an education designed to leverage their curiosity and surmount their challenges, our young people will thrive and our city will rise. You make it possible for Sci High to provide educational experiences that help students see the potential their futures hold.

Sci High is a community that values individuality and unconventional thinking. Your donation allows Sci High to provide unique course offerings with an emphasis in science and mathematics in a supportive environment of learning and respect that promotes self-study skills and enriches post-secondary pursuits.