Solving our region’s challenges requires all hands on deck.

Local Needs

We all know that South Louisiana faces a future filled with challenges: our coastline, our economic dependence on just a few industries. the persistence of widespread poverty and poor health. The Greater New Orleans, Inc. found that a lack of STEM-related workforce training opportunities in the city could mean up to 15,000 unfilled jobs in the region. In fact, according to Global Risk Insights (GRI), the gap between demand for highly skilled employees and the lack of prepared candidates is becoming a national crisis.

Local Opportunities

At the age of 300, New Orleans is both an old city with beloved traditions and culture and a modern city with growing STEM industries. The BioDistrict, founded in 2005 to focus on the development of a biosciences industry, is flourishing; the city continues to experience ever-expanding medical and research industries; and, since 2006, New Orleans has increased jobs in technology by 22%, making it the fastest technology city in the country. This boom creates high earning employment opportunities where the average annual individual income is $61,656; almost double the annual household income for other jobs in the city. This is opportunity for our city and our students!

Local Solutions

The Foundation for Science and Mathematics Education recognizes that publicly accessible high-quality education and workforce development programs in STEM fields is the answer for our students, our families, and our community. Your donation opens up these opportunities for students to leverage the tools of math and science for a stronger New Orleans.